Saturday, June 12, 2010



Remember in Part 1 when I said that I was praying for the Lord to give me a good friend?
Well, guess what? the very same day that I said goodbye to my old friend from 50 years ago, the Lord gave me my new friend. HONEST!! I wouldn't lie about something as important as this!! Would I? Nah.....

Earlier in the day that my old friend came to town (no names mentioned...) I met a man at the AARP Income tax office. He was 2 years younger than me and very friendly and kind. We hit it off right away. I almost did not choose him, as there were many people available, but for some reason I went to him. He did my taxes, and of course he could see from my paperwork that I was a widow. He made it known right away that he was single, never married. We talked business for awhile, his boss came over and answered a few of my questions and left, and all of a sudden The Lord said to me: "THIS IS THE MAN I HAVE FOR YOU!! Yes, He really did, and I was very reluctant to believe it myself. So I ignored the Holy Spirit..., knowing that I was going to be seeing my "old" friend in a few more minutes. All of a sudden The Lord Said to me: "THIS IS THE MAN!! Again I was reluctant....

I called to Chris and said "You know, I have been praying for a gentleman to come along, who is a Christian, to just be my friend>>>NOTHING MORE! And I think you're it! He didn't even skip a beat. He started writing down his phone number and handed it to me.

That night I said Hello and Good bye to my old friend, and Chris and I have been going out "Dutch Treat", and having a good time ever since! We have gone to museums, movies, dinner, lunch, and he comes over once a month for Christian Movie Night at my house, and I invite people from my old church as well as my new church. How great is that? He has been coming to Calvary Chapel of Largo (called "Breath of Life") every Sunday since we met, and has attended his first men's retreat at Sandy Cove, and goes to a men's Bible Study every Saturday morning.

A big void has been filled, and both Chris and I agree that it was all of the Lord. He even goes to the cemetery with me on our way home from church, and lets me cry and talk to Terry. He is my best buddy right now, next to the Lord. I am so blessed to have him for my friend, and I thank the Lord every day for bringing us together. Neither one of us ever wants to get married, but we do compliment each other very well. He will be flying to Europe in 2 weeks for a vacation, and I know I will miss him alot, but the Lord knows our hearts, and they both belong to Jesus.


Patmos Pete said...

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

Donna O said...

Hey!It is Me! missdonna!The last time I wrote in this Blog was: on July6,2010! Do you believe it???
We were attending a church only a few blocks from our house,but I lost Ter-bear during that time, and afterthe funeral I went back to live with Jules & James . We had been going there until our apartment was completed.When I discovered that it WAS "PENTACOSTAL" I found a Calvary Chapel Church. fast!!!

Donna O said...

It's Me again, and it is my blog bringing you up to date! Idon't

Well tons of things have happened since last we met...The main two being that the Lord blessed us allon Valentine's day, 2012 with the birth of a beautiful baby boy! He is so precious, just like Seamus was (and still is!)So many things come to mind, as I am awriting!!