Saturday, June 12, 2010


Part 1

Hi again! It's just ME, donnao.

I have not been keeping you all up on things, I know.... but you will have to forgive me because I have been involved in so many activities, including e-mailling an old beau from high school (no names mentioned...). We enjoyed each other's company online for about 4 months, and then we decided to go our seperate ways. At the time it was very exciting sharing all of our activities with each other, especially since we had not seen or heard from each other in over 50 years!! (YES!, 50 years!) You read it right. Well, we finally did meet, and we had a nice dinner out and a very nice long talk, and then he left, and that was the end of it. Neither one of us was what the other expected, I guess... Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. We do still keep in touch a little.

I had been asking the Lord to send me a friend (male), so I could just go out once in awhile and not be alone. That has been my greatest problem since Terry went home to be with the Lord. I wanted a gentleman (of course,,, ) and a Born again Christian of course. The BIG thing was that I wanted to pay for my part of the dates. Some men would not put up with that, pride I guess, but that was and is still a very important part of the friendship, or nothing at all...

Stay tuned to see what happens in Part2 of this Blog!

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