Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just got in from taking my early morning walk today. I try do do it while Ter is still sleeping.
Our apartment complex is so beautiful. It is buzzing with activity early each day, with people starting out, vehicle after vehicle to go to their jobs. The kids can be seen walking up to catch the school bus meeting and sharing secrets as they wait. The maintenance men and ladies are already busy at work, trimming and cleaning everywhere. This complex is the cleanest and most well kept place I have ever seen. Every morning about 7:00 a.m. they are outside our door sweeping the sidewalks and even the parking lots. They are constantly painting the stripes on the sidewalks, or renavating one apartment or another.

We were blessed to find such a nice place to live until we can get into our permanent home.

The office staff are all very nice people to deal with. Any request that is made is attended to promptly, and they are so friendly, and accomodating to our needs.

The pool will be opening soon, and you can see the workers cleaning around it, and getting prepared for opening day.

As I walk along, I see such a contrast in the skyline. The apartments are located in a nice quiet residential area, and when you look about 2 blocks away, there are huge skyscrapers looming in the distance! I like to take pictures of all of it to share with all of you. Coming from Walworth, New York, a country setting, to a major comunity like this has really stretched us. We can go just about anywhere we want to now, having learned a lot of tricks and short cuts. We even went to a park the othere day with Jules and Seamus, and we all rode on an old fashioned merry-go-round, and then on a small train ride. Such a change in our lives is a good thing. Being with our loved ones though, tops the cake, and makes all of the aggravation and stress of moving all worth it!
I am glad the Lord sent us here, but we do miss all of you....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Construction has started!

The new apartment has started being built!

Week 1

Week 2

Monday, April 7, 2008


Not everyone is blessed to have a grandchild come in to their life, but Ter-Bear and I are blessed every day with our three wonderful grandchildren! We thank the Lord for them every day and pray for their health and well being.

Not only are we blessed to have them, but they are all very exceptional people in their own right.

Alexander was born on December 19, 1998. We were SOOO excited to meet this little bundle of joy! Of course being the first you might expect us to spoil him. We tried very hard not to, and today he is a sweet, intelligent, funny, caring, and all around delightful human being.

Alex's dad is Thomas Woodrow, our son (Math teacher), and his mom is Christine (homemaker).

Cassidy was born February 7, 2000, a sweet, beautiful intelligent,loving daughter of Woody and Christine.
One peek at this beautiful child, and our breath was taken away!
We fell hook line and sinker for this sweet pink bundle of joy just like we did her brother!

Over the past 10 years we have spent many, many special times with them both. They have given us hours of joy to build our memories on. We could not have asked for two more prescious babies to be with.
Some of our great memories include:overnights at Grandma and PapPaw's house many times (including icecream sundaes every time we watched a movie together (hundreds!), trips to Sea Breeze Amusement park, lots of fun times at the movies, with Friendlies visits afterwards, shopping at Eastview Mall at Christmas time and any time! Bowling parties for birthdays, and celebrating all of our birthdays at several of our favorite restaurants in the Rochester area.

When they took off for North Carolina, we both had broken hearts for a very long time. At least now, with us living closer to them, we get to see them. They were a very BIG factor in our decision to move to Maryland.

Seamus born on September 28,2005 to our daughter Julie (full time mommy and research analyst) and James(full time daddy and part time graduate student/farmer's market guru), was a gift from the Lord to all of us and to everyone who has the priviledge to know him. He was born with a life altering disease, cystic fibrosis, and has been through more in his short life so far than most people will ever even think about. He is a sweet, loveable beyond measure adult in a child's body. He has many interests and continues to find everything he does a great adventure! He calls us "Ga" and "Pa", names that he first created and uttered at the age of 15 months when he came to visit us in Walworth, New York.

He never ceases to spread sunshine wherever he goes. He has a zest for life, more than anyone we have ever known!


All and all, we both consider ourselves the most blessed grandparents in the world! Thank you Wood and Chrissy! Thank you Jules and James! And most of all, thank you, JESUS!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More pix

Here's more pictures of the apartment and March in Maryland: