Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today would have been our 26th wedding anniversary. It is also exactly one month since my wonderful lifemate left me. He is in a wonderful place waiting for me to join him someday.

Twenty seven years ago I met this guy. He wasn't exceptionally good looking, but very charming. I knew immediately that he had a very caring heart, and that is what I have always looked for in every person I have met.

We dated for 6 months, then got engaged (in my kitchen), and married one year later on the same day of the month as we got engaged, September 17th. We were both romantics, which is not common in men.

We had a wonderful life together, travelling, going to movies, dinners, seeing friends, etc. One day the Lord touched me and I received His gift of salvation in my heart. I was so excited to share it with my love. He was not especially interested, but "humored" me. I had gotten saved at a Full Gospel Businessmen's breakfast. (YES! they even allowed women to attend, even in the "olden days...!

I was attending a bible study at a home, every week, and I came home so happy and excited about what I had just learned. Terry kept asking, "what do you do there to make you so happy?"
I told him he had to come to find out. He did, and he eventually joined me at a Full Gospel Businessmen's breakfast, and the Lord touched him there too! I was so happy for that. We spent 22years in Calvary Chapel churches, until we moved to Maryland and came to our first pentecostal church. What a difference in how they worshipped the Lord! It was a culture shock at first, but of course we knew that the Lord does everything for a reason.

We knew that He sent us to Maryland to be with our family. Our grandson, Seamus has Cystic Fibrosis, and we needed to be near him to help out. We also needed our family to help out with Terry as he became more ill. It was a tough decision to make after being in our nice little comfortable home for over 37 years. It was getting harder and harder to see our children and grandchildren only once or twice a year. When Woody and Christine moved to North Carolina, that broke our hearts.

It was funny how the Lord told me it was time to go, and on the same day Terry said the same thing had happened to him! We made the decision to accept Jules' and James' invitation to move in with them in our own apartment, and never looked back.

It was a very tough move because we had been in our home for so long, and had accumulated alot of "stuff". Everything fell into place though as we sold our home about 3 weeks after we put it on the market, and the market was already pretty soft by then.

Terry missed "home" so much. Actually I did not miss it as much as he did.

As he got sicker and sicker he constantly asked me to take him home.

Now he is at his REAL HOME with the Lord.
His death was not easy. He suffered alot at the end, but was medicated, so I want to believe that he did not feel the pain.

I miss him SO much, especially today on our anniversary. This day was always so special to both of us, being the romantics that we are.

I will be with him again some day. His last words were, "I love you SOOO much, more than you know, and I will be waiting for you at the gate."
I know he will be. He never lies.