Sunday, June 14, 2009


It sure seems like a LONNNGGGG time since I have blogged.... Maybe it seems that way because it HAS been a LONG time!!

So much has happened to all of us in the last few months, I can't even remember all of it. Here is a sampling of things that happened:

0 After I got kidnapped in March, I found my way home, and was safe and happy.
On April 1st, we had a baby shower for Katrina and Pastor Lawson. The baby (Eirenee) remained in the hospital for a very long time. She weighed only 1.5 lbs. when she was born on Feb. 28, so she had to be in ICU for a long time. I went with her Mommy and Daddy and big sister several times to visit her at the hospital.

The shower was a BIG strong success! There were men, women and children there, and the children were all especially "active"! Whew! I am glad we all lived through it, and a good time was had by all.

0 Eirenee came home for good about 2 weeks ago and weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz.!! I even got to take care of her all by myself. I just held her the wholw time, and thanked the Lord for this beautiful young lady. She is very special, as you can imagine, and she continues to gain weight and grow stronger every day.

0 Katrina took her driver's test in April and passed it with flying colors. She used to live in England, so I imagine it was hard to learn to drive on the right side of the road. I am very proud of my new daughter-in-law!!

0 Shamey had his pictures taken in a place called Wheaten Park, and I did send them out to everyone. If you did not receive them, please let me know. They were beautiful, and Jules put them to music. (He is a natural model!!)

0 We got new patio furniture and a new BBQ grill. We are now ready for lots of Summer company.

0 I found a Calvary Chapel not too far from us, and have made lots of new friends. As usual, Calvary Chapel is very friendly and welcoming. I really do feel right at home now. Praise Jesus!!

0 We joined a "pool club"! It is in a parklike setting right in the middle of the metropolitan area! (Correct me if I already told youi this,,,please...!)
In fact we just got back from a "picnic/birthday party" at the pool club. There are lots of picnic tables, gas grills,and a huge adult pool, and a kiddies pool...They call it the "baby pool" there, and Shamey heard them say it, and thought they said "Navy pool". So it remains the "Navy pool" to us...

0 I worked for one day at the Art Festival, which is held in the Town Center, where the Farmer's Market takes place every Thursday. James runs it, and has lots of prospects for businesses to move into Riverdale. He is very good at his job, and soon we will be overflowing with new businesses coming in. This will lower the tax base for alot of people.(I am very proud of James also!)

0 Jules remains at her job at Westat. She is going on a business trip next week to L.A., California, and James and Shamey are going with her. (She makes me VERY proud also!!)I will be all by my lonesome, but plan on having lots of get togethers with different groups of friends.

0 I gave up on the Cafe ever being built. They have had their permit for months now and still nothing has been built.

0 I am now doing surveys for money. That is my home job. I don't have to go out, and when James needs me to take care of Seamus, I am available. Sometimes he just brings alot of his toys in my bedroom, and plays for hours, while I work at the computer. Alot of times we will watch one of his shows on T.V. or a movie we have received from Netflix. We do play games too, and go for walks to the park, which is only one block away from our home. (He always makes a new friend when he goes there!)

0 I really miss all of you up there, but don't hear from very many of you guys. Please drop me a quick note, so I can see if you are still around or not.

Love to all,
tootsie roll2