Thursday, October 30, 2008


Right now I am sitting here wishing that Ter could be here with me because he so wanted to move into our new home together. He has his own new home now, and I know that he is happy there, but I miss him terribly today. Maybe it is because I am leaving the apartment, which was the last place we called home together.

[I am learning alot from my course on grieving. Tonight is the last night for the 6 weeks course.
I have met some very good friends there, and we do socialize sometimes. One of the ladies is named Betty, (I now know 5 Betties!!) and we became soulmates instantly. I took her into emergency 2 weeks ago, and spent the day there with her. It wound up that she had pneumonia. Better than the heart condition they had suspected...)]

I will not miss this apartment because I am going to be with my family, and get to see them every day. My new apartment is unbelieveable. Our kids certainly went all out to make us as comfortable as they could. My bedroom is huge, and has a very large picture window, which I have never seen in a bedroom before. On the adjacent wall I have a large sliding glass door going out onto a good size deck. I have 3 large closets and a very nice bathroom, and sitting room. The kids and I will share the large family room, but somehow I thing I will use my sitting room most, and give them their privacy. I also have a small prep kitchen of my own with tons of cupboards and counter tops. We will share the large new kitchen, which attaches to my kitchen. I bought a brand new stainless steel refrigerator with an ice maker on the outside. (I have been wanting one for years. I am a real "ice person"!)

Sunday we moved all of the large furniture. I am sitting on a folding chair and typing on my computer on a T.V. tray. The T.V. sits on the floor. Almost everything is gone now. Last night was my last night here. I will come back tomorrow to clean and hand in my keys.

Everyone (staff) has been wonderful here, but the neighbors are not friendly at all. The man next door was very nice to us, but he moved last month, and I have made one friend, Angela who lives across the courtyard from me. No one else even speaks. It is sort of a creepy feeling to me, because I speak to everyone. Some respond, but never look at me.

I am getting ready to move to the last place I will live. I am excited, but sad at the same time.
I have sent out my new phone number and my e-mail will stay the same.

Time to roll!
More later.
God Bless each of you always.

The BLOCK PARTY!!! (with Del and Emily...)

A couple of weeks ago we attended a birthday party after church on Sunday, and after that we went to a BLOCK PARTY" in our neighborhood.

Every year the neighborhood people get together and close off the whole block and party, party, party! It was all very innocent, with lots of good homemade food and friends that some people would only see once in awhile as they entered or exited their homes. The world has become such a fast paced whirl, that it is nice to sit down and talk to your neighbor at least once a year and actually be able to have a conversation!

I met a VERY interesting couple, and spent my whole time there talking to them. He (Del) was 78, and she (Emily) was 74. The week before the party they had just gotten back from China! I thought it was a vacation but it turned out that it was a work expedition.

Del, who is a retired science professor it seems, is still working! He has to travel all over the world and take samples of dirt! I guess they are looking for radiation percentages.

While they were there they had an opportunity to ride elephants! (I am lucky I can drive a car, let alone elephants!) Poor Emily, had a bad car accident 3 years ago, and broke almost every bone in her body! She still has alot of pain. (My question was: How did you manage to get up on an elephant? Her answer was: "very slowly!"

One of their hobbies is dancing, which I am finding is a popular passtime down here. they said the next time they go, they will call me. (they didn't remember to get my phone number though... I think I will give them a call once I get settled into my new home.

I really enjoyed meeting them. Guess how they met?

Both were widowers, and they are now married 10 years.

I meet the most interesting people!!