Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On January 3, 2009 we held an Open House at the Coleman/O'Donnell home. We invited many friends and relatives. All in all we think about 45 people took part.
The day before the event, James and I went to do the grocery shopping. Huge lines and crowds of people were everywhere we went. It was quite a challenge, with lots of calls to Jules, at home with Seamus to check and make sure we were purchasing the right items, as she had requested.
Finally we both came dragging our bodies into the house, and after several trips to the van and back, we opened all of the bags and while they put the groceries away, I started to cook. Soon Jules was cooking too, and then James. James' brother Rick arrived from Pennsylvania. He was very helpful in entertaining Shamey while we cooked. We had a good time making the preparations. Everything had to be just right. Finally we were almost done, and we decided to call it a night. We all dragged ourselves to bed and said "good night everybody!"
On Saturday morning we had MORE food to cook, and we were busy, busy, busy... clean the house, clean off the porch, make the horsdouvers, make the desserts, make the dips, set up chairs, make the punch...pick up the toys... Just before the first guests arrived, we all got dressed in acceptable attire. The first guests at 4:00 p.m. were Pastor Lawson and his family. Shamey was so happy to have Zoe for a playmate.
Soon more and more guests arrived. Most of them were bearing either gifts for us, or some kind of food. Thank goodness we had put all of the leaves in the dining room table, because it was pretty loaded before they even started arriving.
Jules and I would take turns giving tours of our new home, even including our new laundrey room, which we all love to use. (We used to have to take the laundry to the it is wonderful to have it on the first floor.)
Many people kept showing up, even our architect Marc, and our builder, "Frankie"! (Shamey named him that. His real name is Fran.) We hoped that once people saw how beautiful and unique it was with the skylights and the moving walls, etc. that they would get some ideas of hiring them to do some work for them. Frankie gave out a few of his flyers, explaining his business, and I saw Marc give out a few business cards too.
All in all, it turned out to be a very nice evening, and I think everyone had a good time. At church people are still talking about it, and Jules and James have workmates who just loved it.
We are pretty happy with our new space too.
I wish Ter could have seen it. He would have loved it. After all, there are many "handicap accessible" features specifically built in just for him. He is probably looking down on us right now saying, "way to go!"
[Wish you were here, Honey. We all miss you and love you very much. It would be so much better with you here....]

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I can't believe that I have celebrated (2) New Year's Eves in Maryland already!!

Time just seems to go by so fast. That is what they say is a sign of aging...WHO,ME???


I guess it really creeps up on you..... I can't believe I will be turning 67 in 2 more months! I don't know where the years have gone....My baby boy was just born a short while ago, BUT he just turned 43! My baby girl just turned 40! I guess it must be true, but you can't prove it by me.

New Year's Eve I spent the most interesting and gracefilled time I have ever experienced. I went to church...(something new for me at this Holiday...) The service was so sweet, filled with praise and worship, and prayer for the new year.

Towards the end of the evening..(way past midnight) the doors of the church opened and we could hear a group of people come in. Pastor Ben eventually called them forward. It was a whole family. (A mother and 4 teenagers..) Apparently the family was in some sort of distress. It became evident that they were all angry at each other for some reason. Pastor Ben prayed over each one, and asked them to forgive each other. Apparently the Lord poured out a blessing on each one of them, as they all began to cry and hug each other. I have never experienced anything like this in my life! It was evident that the Holy Spirit was there with them the whole time.

I did not get home until 1:45 a.m. Those of you who know me, know I am not a night owl! I wasn't even tired as I drove home and parked my van. I was met by Jules and James waiting up for me. They are always looking out for my best interests.

They are a blessing to me EVERY DAY!!
Thank You, Jesus!!

Here it is, January 17, 2009, and I am just getting some time to bring you up to date on the Holiday season, and other events in my life. I have no excuse other than that I have to prioritize my life right now, and now I have the time to catch up.

I made my usual homemade soups and distributed them, along with my pumpkin breads to several friends. Pastor Lawson and family came the day before Christmas and had a nice lunch with me. I gave them a gift of a very special painting that my friend Dorothy McGee had done for me and, a beautiful frame I had found. I did not have any place to put it in my new apartment, so I gave it to my "son" and his family. They were blessed to receive it, and I was blessed to give it to them.

Christmas was a very nice layed back day for all of us. We opened up gifts and had a nice dinner together in our new dining room. James surprised us and bought some huge scallops, which are a favorite of mine and Jules. James broiled their's and I cooked my own with a recipe I got many many years ago from the chef at a well known restaurant in Auburn, N.Y., where Ter grew up.

We had all day to eat and enjoy each other's company. Seamus was the most excited of all! He received many great gifts from "Santa", and we just relaxed and played with him most of the day. Shamey's friend Stephanie came over and played with him that day, and he was thrilled.

I really missed Ter on that day, as I do every day, but for some reason, Christmas day is the worst time for me to be away from my loved ones.

All in all, I was glad when the day came to a close.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pictures from 2008

my grandbabies in our aparment in Greenbelt... me getting ready to move into my new kitchen...
Some of the last pix of the two of us...

Terry's last resting place at Fort Lincoln Cemetery Alex, Cassidy & Grandma...
Me with Denise (Ter's home health aide...)

Jules, James & Seamus outside our apartment.....
almost ready to move into new kitchen...... Zoe, Seamus & Christmas tree in family room...
Terry's tombstone at Fort Lincoln...
"my son" with me at my new home...

Seamus the pilgrim, Thanksgiving day... Shamey and "GA" as pilgrims...
Shamey on a bug ride on one of his "adventures!...

Mommy & Shamey riding his new bike in front of our house... Katrina with Lawson & Zoe...
shamey in Holloween costume,(a puppy dog..)

Shamey with Santa at the farmer's market.... the 3 tootses, and new toots (Marty..)

Happy New Year hats, waiting for Ga to come home again the 4 tootses in Rochester....
Ter with farewell...

Seamus in his new "BIG BOY" bed Daddy with Spider Man...

"WONDER GA" & "Super Seamus"!!
Aren't they sweet?(Zoe & Shamey)
Shamey in his BIG hat!
all of us at the Washington Zoo
Shamey says....BOO!!! Our Christmas tree and Shamey looking at deck...

Farewell, Sweet hubby, with Denise at apartment: Aug., '08
Shamey says goodbye to "Pa"
Mommy & Shamey with Thanksgiving hats in kitchen...
JOE COOL......!