Friday, January 1, 2010


I have been very busy for several months. First, we went on vacation to Williamsburg, Va., and then down to Virginia Beach, and then Seamus got sick, and spent a week in Johns Hopkins requiring a trip every day in LOTS of traffic...

When Seamus finally got home, we were all very attentive to his needs. Most of my "free" time was spent taking care of Shamey, as James' job required more and more attention. I want to be here for them when they need me, as they are always reaching out to help me.

We had never taken the trip down to see our son Woody and his family in North Carolina. I was so excited to see my other two grandchildren, Alex, who turned 12 when we were down there, and Cassidy who will turn 11 in February. I can remember taking them to the nursing home where my sister lived for 3 years, until she went home to the Lord. Everyone thought they were twins! Almost, but not quite. They are 13 months apart.

So we took the trip down to see them AT LAST!! We booked a Hilton Hotel suite, and it was wonderful! Two large bedrooms with King size beds in each one, and two private bathrooms, and a sitting room and kitchen. We were served a freshly cooked breakfast each morning, and it was all free! The cost of the hotel was very inexpensive also, compared to others we had priced, which were not half as nice! The Lord really blessed us on this trip!!

When Alex and Cassidy first walked into our hotel room, I grabbed them up in my arms, and wept like a baby. They had tears too. This visit was way overdue!They decided to stay overnight with us in the hotel. Those beds held 3 people with plenty of room over. Of course Alex slept on the couch. He is sort of bashful about sleeping with his grandmother,and that is perfectly understandable. Terry and I used to take care of them alot when we all lived "up North", so we were very close to them. I found myself looking at them and remembering how much fun we had playing with them both from infancy. They haven't changed at all, except maybe growing a few inches taller and they are both smart as a whip!!

We celebrated Alex's birthday at the RED ROBIN restaurant, and had our Christmas with them back at the hotel. We had a great time getting reacquainted with them, and even Woody and Chris, his wife. Seamus just loves being with them, and he talks about them all of the time now.

While we were down there, in the mild weather, Washington D.C., and our town of Riverdale received 16 inches of snow! What a mess we came home to!! But it was a good feeling to crawl into my own bed that night!

I am now so glad that we had that time with them, and can't wait to go back again.