Sunday, June 15, 2008


The first thing that we learned when we entered our church the first Sunday we were here, was what (who) was the glue that holds everything together, and creates such a loving atmosphere no matter what time of day OR NIGHT he is called on to serve.

!!!!******************************PASTOR BEN***************************!!!!

This is a man of God who cares for his flock in every sense of the word! He has a heart as big as all out doors, and is not afraid of showing it. It was instant love between us and him, the very first day we were welcomed into his house of prayer.

Pastor Ben's Dad used to be the pastor of Christian Life Center of Riverdale, Maryland for many years. As his Dad got older, one day Pastor Ben knew the Lord was telling him to relieve his Dad of so much work, and so he went to his Dad and told him that, and his father said, " I wondered when you would get around to it!" He has been the pastor ever since.

Ben Slye is a very handsome man in his forties, full of life and love for Jesus Christ and his sheep. No matter what is required of him, he tends to it with love and passion. You can tell he is just as effervescent on the inside as he is on the outside, because of the twinkle in both of his baby blue eyes. He has a very capable staff to assist in any matter that comes up, but he always oversees whatever the matter is by assigning tasks to just the right person on staff.

We have never known anyone like Pastor Ben, and it is evident that no one else has either. It is such a pleasure to be around him because Jesus Christ is imbedded in him so deep that you cannot help but feel safe, loved, informed, and just plain fuzzy all of the time.

There are so many projects going on at church with ministries for the poor, children's ministry run by Pastor Ben's wife Debbie, and all of the conferences attended by him and his staff. He is a very busy guy, but no matter how busy he gets, he ALWAYS has time to spend with someone who needs an ear to talk to, or needs help in any way. Sometimes we think the Lord made him His "Super Pastor", but really he is very down to earth, and just takes care of the Lord's business in any way he can, expecting nothing in return. His reward is the smiles on the people's faces that have been helped in one way or another.

As I have stated before, we came from a very conservative church up North, and it was a shock to our nervous system when we first walked into this little church with the volume turned up so high, you would think it was the second coming! But once we heard this humble preacher with the most beautiful singing voice and the great smile just praising the Lord with all of his heart and soul, we were hooked.

We love you, Pastor Ben....... Thank you for being you, and God Bless you REAL GOOD!!!!

Do I hear an amen????

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New pix

Denise and Terry

Mother's Day

CF Great Strides Walk

Pastor Ben and Lawson and his family.