Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A few weeks ago I mentioned our assistant pastor, Lawson, and the fact that he is like a second son to us. Well, we are happy to say that we have now ALSO inherited a new daughter-in-law, and grandaughter! Yes! They finally got through all of the red tape and anxiety, with the help of the Lord, and arrived here on Tuesday night at midnight from Nigeria. All went well with their flights and they are now residing with Lawson in his bachelor pad, hopefully being able to find larger quarters in the future.

Katrina is a beautiful, intelligent, and Godly woman. She is a perfect fit for Lawson, and must have the patience of Job, like he does, waiting on the Lord for several years, to provide a way for her and Zoe to come to America for good to live with Daddy.

Zoe is only a few days younger than Seamus, and is bright and full of energy, just like him, so we are all looking forward to their first play date to see how they get along. My guess is they will be competitors, but maybe not. Once we get all moved and settled into our permanent home, we will have them over alot. I know that Seamus will gladly share his toys, being the little gentleman that he is....

Sunday was their introduction to the whole church, and everyone was so excited to meet them! They had alot of prayers going up for them, and now that they are here, we are thanking the Lord for His favor in getting them here safely.

Praise Jesus for answered prayer!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


As most of you know, we had a home health aide when we lived in Walworth, New York. Actually we had two. One was Stacey for one year, and then she moved on, and we had Lynda for about 9 months before we left to move to Maryland. Both of them were EXCELLENT!! and helped us out SSSOOO much! Lynda especially was so instrumental in helping me to pack up and move. I really do believe that the Lord knew just who we needed, and Lynda was it! I know for sure that I could not have accomplished that move without Lynda along side of me and I will be forever grateful!

Well, guess what? The Lord has sent us another angel! Her name is Denise, and she is unbelieveable! Boy, when the Lord sends someone, HE really knows how to do it!

We were introduced to Denise one week ago today. (Sunday). We were shocked to answer the door and find the owner of the Home Health agency there with his employee to meet us! They came completely unnanounced, and luckily we had just arrived home from church.

All of our aides have been supplied by the Veteran's Administration, and we are so grateful for the services that they provide. We get all of our meds for Terry through them for a minimal cost, and we go to the V.A. for his primary doctor appointments and blood work. It sure helps that they are located less than 1/4 mile away from our apartment.

Denise is originally from Jamaica, and she is a lovely, soft spoken, sweet girl (woman..). We loved her at first sight. She will come twice a week, on Wed. and Fri., and stays with us for 5 hours each time. This allows me to get out and about to do my grocery shopping, banking, and a little bit of socializing. I plan on making any appoinments I may have, on those two days also. Denise has already gone with us to grocery shop and to another store, and to two different doctors, and she has only worked for us twice so far. She is ready, willing and able to do anything for us that we need help with. Next I am going to teach her how to use our washer/dryer (all-in-one) machine. It is quite complex.

About Denise: She is a loving, caring, intelligent person, who loves her job. That was self evident after 10 minutes of talking with her. She is a certified Nurse's Assistant, and she loves the Lord!
She is engaged to marry a young man who is wheelchair bound and cannot speak because of a military accident occurring in the recent past. They use tex messaging alot and Denise is learning sign language. I am sure the Lord had a hand in this too.
It is amazing to sit back and just observe all of the things the Lord is doing in this community, especially for our benefit. He has sent us an angel!! Thanks so much for all of your prayers!!

We are looking forward to many enjoyable hours with Denise, and hopefully her fiancee too.

Praise God for prayers answered!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

more pix

Lots of pictures of church friends, our apartment complex, and more construction...