Friday, February 22, 2008

Our new apartment!

We moved into our new apartment on February 1, 2008. It is located in a nice residential area, only 12 minutes from Jules, James and Seamus. Because it was getting very crowded at the house, we decided to try going out on our own for 6 months until our permanent home could be built. It seemed at the time that we would NEVER get situated into our new home, being constructed on the back of the Coleman house. Our architect had alot of problems getting finished with the plans. Finally! We got our permit to build, but since it would take awhile to get started we decided to move to this apartment. It is a beautiful apartment complex in a little town called Greenbelt .It has a huge pool and a workout gym. Since we will be here until the end of July, we are looking forward to taking Shamey swimming alot. Our apartment is what is called a "patio" apartment, and it is on the ground floor, so we park in front of it, and walk right in the front door into our living room, just like house. We have a large living room, small dining room, small kitchen and bathroom and a large bedroom with walk-in closet. all of the rooms have new wall to wall carpeting except the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen is a brand new stove, refrigerator, dish washer, and lots of counter space. There is also a washing machine in the kitchen! This washer not only washes clothes, but it also dries them! (in the same machine!) I had never seen anything like this before and was quite surprised. It took a little reading to figure it out, but I now use it almost every day.

Nearby is a nice little plaza with a Safeway Grocery store, which is modeled after Wegmans, and it has a Starbucks coffe shop and deli in it. I love shopping there, and it is only 2 minutes away.
There are lots of restaurants around our new home too. One of our favorites is called the Silver Diner. It is authentic 1950's, (which is our favorite era of course..) We go there for breakfast and lunch quite often. We have even become "club members", and we show our cards every time we pay a bill for our meals. After you have 5 meals on your card, you get $5.00 off of your the 5th one and then you start all over for another meal. It works out quite nicely.

There is a Target almost on every corner around here, so we never have to worry about shopping.

Today is Feb. 22, so we have been here almost a month.